We’re Successful When You’re Successful

The decisions you make, starting from the earliest stages of planning your business, have a lasting impact. Expert advice at the outset can make the difference between building a truly profitable business with a distinct competitive advantage—and one that simply gets by.

Mark Walsh & Associates ensures its clients and partners make informed decisions, giving them the best return on their investment and avoiding costly oversights.

As the C-Store Specialist, MWA offers professional services, from planning through to construction and operations.

Our Services

Business Planning

Your business plan is your blueprint for success. What is the opportunity in your market? What competition do/will you face? What are the risks? What are the rewards? What can you do to establish a competitive edge (e.g., a food franchise or car wash)? MWA is committed to walking you through this vital process, by helping you create sound feasibility studies, business plans, and marketing plans.

Financial Proposals

MWA can assist you in developing a professional bank-ready financing proposal that will meet the extremely detailed requirements of the lending institution—and save you from costly delays that can occur by submitting incomplete documents. We can also assist with the provision of corporate assurance.

Alliances with National Fuel, Food, and QSR Brands

Be it fuel or food, aligning your business with a trusted, high-profile national brand is proven to attract significantly more customers than a generic, independent offering. Leverage MWA’s established connections with a diverse range of branded national fuel and food and beverage providers to streamline the application and approval process. We will help recommend partnerships that will offer your business the greatest impact. At the same time, we’ll ensure you meet core competence requirements and can demonstrate the shared vision they are seeking from you as a partner.

Site Planning, Design, and Development

As a trusted advisor to your project, Mark Walsh and Associates will recommend a team of architects, engineers and planners that will best serve your needs. We can oversee the the team as your project manager.

New Store Design

MWA helps our clients implement proven design and layout strategies that will enhance the guest experience, increase sales and optimize space. We collaborate with architects and design firms to create logical “destinations,” while improving visibility and traffic flow within your store. We’ll show you the best place for your tills. We’ll remove blind spots so staff can see what is going on at all times. We’ll design open-concept floor plans that allow clear visual penetration—so customers can find what they are looking for at a glance. We’ll arrange merchandise to maximize complementary sales. And we’ll ensure you washrooms meet your customer’s high standards.


A large part of our business involves renovating (or refreshing) dated or underperforming stores so they can achieve their full sales potential—and attract new clients while retaining exising ones. MWA will work with you to develop a strategic floor plan that is modern, enticing and follows best practices in sales and merchandising.
We strive to keep disruption to a minimum—and are generally able to keep the store open throughout the renovation process. This ensures we don’t disrupt the buying habits of your existing customers or lose them to the competition.

Site Development

Does your site allow for adequate traffic flow without causing congestion? Does it accommodate tanker trucks? What about street access? Is there adequate space for a future car wash? MWA can identify the pros and cons of a site, and advise on opportunities and limitations that may impact immediate and future development.

Get your site right. Get an assessment from MWA.

Project Management

Whether it is the construction of a new store or a major renovation/expansion, MWA can assume the mission-critical role of Project Manager. Acting on your behalf, we can professionally oversee the construction to ensure it is completed on time, on schedule and to our exceedingly high standards. As your Project Manager, we will assume responsibility for:

• Budgeting and scheduling
• Hiring/managing subcontractors and trades
• Coordination of permits and inspections
• Recommendation and procurement of equipment and materials
• Signage and wayfinding

Expert project management to ensure the job is done right.


A c-store’s ability to manage day-to-day operations will ultimately determine whether the store thrives or flounders. MWA works with clients to introduce strategies, processes, procedures and best practices required to run a successful c-store business. Developed to increase customer loyalty and maximize profitability, our consulting services include, but are not limited to:

• Store openings
• Optimum product placement
• Impulse product placement
• Hot food/branded food programs
• Coffee programs
• Inventory planning
• Customer service
• Marketing and promotions
• Hiring strategies, workplace policies
• Accountability

Let us show you how to increase sales and improve operational efficiency. We get results.

Our Clients Say

We knew what we wanted but we knew we needed help. Mark knows his stuff. He provided invaluable guidance around choosing the right equipment, effective product placement, and efficient customer flow. He also shared some great tips on how to work with suppliers. Mark’s advice has really paid off.
Shaun Unger, Managing Partner, the Hague Service Centre
Shaun Unger, Managing Partner, the Hague Service Centre
Mark is very good to work with. I believe it is in his personality to go above and beyond to make sure the job is completed according to his high standards. He was so calm and supportive in helping us rebuild our business at a challenging time. Our satisfaction was 10 out of 10.
Kelly Dhaliwal, Manager, Woodvale Husky
Kelly Dhaliwal, Manager, Woodvale Husky