Tags® Whitecourt

A Strategic Overhaul Transforms Tags Food & Gas into a Modern Retail Success

Case Study:

Revitalizing Tags Food & Gas in Whitecourt, AB

Client: Tags Food & Gas
Location: Whitecourt, Alberta
Industry: Retail / Convenience Store


After three decades without updates, Tags Food & Gas in Whitecourt, Alberta, recognized the urgent need for a modern makeover to stay competitive. The challenge was to undertake a comprehensive renovation without closing the store, thus avoiding any loss in sales.


Mark Walsh & Associates (MWA) embarked on a “gut renovation,” transforming the store while keeping it operational. The renovation strategy involved:

  • Removing bulkheads to enhance spatial openness.
  • Redesigning the interior for clear sightlines to key areas.
  • Expanding the bakery and concealing the kitchen from customer view.
  • Overhauling signage, cabinetry, fixtures, and wall displays for a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Implementing a phased renovation approach to keep the store open 24/7.


The transformation validated Mark Walsh’s vision of the store as a “sleeping giant.” Post-renovation, sales soared beyond expectations, attracting new customers and earning the approval of longstanding patrons. The success was attributed to the strategic renovation and the store owners’ commitment to embracing and implementing the changes effectively.

BEFORE: High shelves have fallen out of favour as it has been proven sales increase when customers have a clear view of the whole store.

BEFORE: Too much clutter will overwhelm guests and make items difficult to find.

AFTER: People can buy more when they are in a relaxed and organized environment.

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