Husky® Woodvale

A Phoenix Rises: Woodvale Husky & Pizza 38‘s Triumph Over Adversity

Case Study:

Reinventing Woodvale Husky & Pizza 38 After a Setback

Client: Woodvale Husky & Pizza 38
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Industry: Retail / Convenience Store and Restaurant


Woodvale Husky faced a crisis when a severe snowstorm caused the roof of their convenience store to collapse, resulting in the total loss of the structure and its contents. This catastrophic event put the future of the family-owned business in jeopardy, with the fuel company considering ending their partnership.


Mark Walsh stepped in to not only oversee the rebuilding on the existing foundation but also to revolutionize the business model. He modernized the convenience store with the latest design and merchandising best practices. His innovative solution included merging the Pizza 38 business into the convenience store, breaking down the physical barrier that previously divided them. This strategic move aimed to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience.


The rebuilt Woodvale Husky and integrated Pizza 38 have experienced a remarkable turnaround, with a significant increase in sales and customer base. The integration of the two businesses created a synergy that boosted “add-on-sales” and revitalized the store’s appeal. The fuel provider, impressed by the revitalization and new business strategy, recommitted to the partnership with a long-term contract and updated fueling stations.

Following the disaster, the entire C-store was torn down. The attached pizza business was spared (above).

The rebuilt store, with reinvigorated business strategy.

An expanded cooler system has been a hit with customers.

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