Caribou Mountain
Travel Centre

Innovating Northern Alberta’s Travel Stops: The Caribou Mountain Success Story

Case Study:

Establishing Caribou Mountain Travel Centre in Fort Vermillion

Client: Caribou Mountain Travel Centre
Location: Fort Vermillion, Alberta
Industry: Retail / Travel Centre


Launching a New to Industry (NTI) site at the intersection of Hwy 58 and Hwy 88, Caribou Mountain Travel Centre aimed to revolutionize travel stops in Northern Alberta. The project faced logistical hurdles, including securing access, introducing a novel operational model, navigating supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, and bringing national brand partnerships to a remote location. Additionally, the goal was to introduce a proprietary hot food selection tailored to the ownership’s vision.


The solution involved partnering with Mk Walsh Construction for the build, leveraging the expertise of local vendors and trades from La Crête, AB. Strategic advance planning mitigated COVID-19 related supply challenges. The project’s success hinged on selecting an innovative architect aligned with Mark Walsh’s vision to create a groundbreaking facility.


Caribou Mountain Travel Centre has become a landmark in Northern Alberta, redefining travel centres with its state-of-the-art design and services. It serves as a pivotal destination for long-distance travelers, receiving widespread acclaim for its welcoming atmosphere and aesthetic appeal. The establishment of national brand partnerships has further cemented the centre’s reputation and instilled confidence in the community’s economic potential.

MWA negotiated on behalf of the Nation to bring Esso on board as their project’s fuel provider. To serve truckers, we included 24-hour Esso Cardlocks, showers, and a laundromat.

Beautiful architecture and eye-catching design improves the community.

MWA developed and implemented a full foodservice solution on behalf of Little Red River Cree Nation.

The grand opening of the Caribou Mountain Travel Centre, attended by community leaders.

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