Shell® Hague

Innovative Design and Strategic Merchandising Propel Success for Shell Station in Hague, Saskatchewan

Case Study:

Shell Gas Station in Hague, SK

Client: Shell
Location: Hague, Saskatchewan
Industry: Retail / Gas Station


The community of Hague, Saskatchewan, welcomed a new 24-hour Shell gas station, positioned strategically to draw in traffic from Highway 11 between Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Following several successful collaborations, Shell Canada engaged Mark Walsh & Associates (MWA) to spearhead the interior design and implement best practices in merchandising for this new establishment. The unique aspect of this project was its integration within a larger complex housing multiple businesses, necessitating a design that allowed indoor access among them, shared washroom facilities, and an after-hours security solution.


MWA stepped in as both design consultant and project manager, taking charge of:

  • Interior layout and design guidance.
  • Merchandising plan development.
  • Equipment and fixtures procurement.
  • Indoor security gate sourcing.
  • Millwork coordination.
  • Contract authorization.
  • Coffee program development.
  • In-store signage creation.
  • The design challenge was met with innovative solutions, including strategic placement of impulse items along the access lane to maximize visibility and sales.


Since its opening, the Shell station has experienced robust business, with the interconnected design significantly benefiting the convenience store segment. The strategic merchandising approach has been highly effective, demonstrating the value of thoughtful design and strategic planning in retail environments.

MWA designed the coolers to encourage circular traffic flow around the perimeter wall to expose customers to more products.

A great coffee program is key on a busy highway route …

… as are clean, inviting restrooms.

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