Red Basket™ Brooks

Strategic Renovation Boosts Efficiency and Sales for Red Basket

Case Study:

Revitalizing Red Basket in Brooks, Alberta

Client: Red Basket
Location: Brooks, Alberta
Industry: Retail / Convenience Store


The owners of Red Basket in Brooks faced a critical decision: renovate their decades-old store or undertake a costly rebuild to meet modern convenience store needs. They sought MWA’s expertise to determine a cost-effective yet impactful solution.


After a thorough evaluation, MWA recommended leveraging the store’s sound structure for a transformation that maximized ROI. The renovation plan included:

  • Installation of new cabinetry, fixtures, equipment, paint, and lighting.
  • Construction of bulkheads for enhanced signage visibility.
  • Relocation of the hot food area next to the cashier for operational efficiency and customer convenience.


The strategic relocation of the hot food area resulted in significant operational improvements, including the elimination of a full-time position and enhanced staff performance. This change, along with the new open sandwich cooler design, elevated the store’s successful sandwich program and overall customer experience. The renovation, costing a fraction of a full rebuild, led to a resurgence in business, affirming the owners’ decision to refresh rather than rebuild.

BEFORE: Sandwich display prior to renovation.

AFTER: The new display gives the sandwich bar a high-end supermarket feel.

Updated and modernized to fuel success for the next decade!

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