Nakota Crossing

Empowering Community and Commerce at Nakota Crossing

Case Study:

Launching Petro-Canada & Petro Pass Truck Stop at Nakota Crossing

Client: Petro-Canada, Nakota Crossing
Location: Glenevis, Alberta
Industry: Retail / Gas Station and Truck Stop


The Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation aimed to realize a 55-year-old vision by developing a new-to-industry site at Nakota Crossing, seeking to enhance profitability and create job opportunities for the community. The project required strategic partnerships to ensure long-term success and align with community values.


MWA took the lead in securing vital partnerships, including a fuel agreement with Suncor for retail and card lock services, and Quick Service Restaurant partnerships with Mr. Sub and Country Style Donuts. MWA also developed an in-house hot-food program, designed store layouts, and implemented merchandising plans tailored to the local market. Collaboration with the Nation’s leaders ensured the project respected community values and principles.


The Petro-Canada and Petro Pass Truck Stop at Nakota Crossing now stands as a prominent facility on a busy highway, offering essential services to travelers and truckers alike. The strategic location, comprehensive service offerings, and easy access design have made it a key community asset. Most significantly, the project has provided numerous employment opportunities for members of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, fulfilling a long-held vision and contributing to the community’s economic development.

The site was transformed to serve the needs of the region and bring in revenue for the community.

Community celebrates the launch of Nakota Crossing Petro-Canada Truck Stop.

Inside is a full-service C-store, featuring Mr Sub and Country Style with drive-through.

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